Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese NY Photos

My drama queen, ready for her Chinese school New Year's performance!
FCC Chinese New Year party

Craft table at FCC party- Elizabeth and best buddy Kim work on making cloth fortune cookies Elizabeth is all dressed up for her Chinese school dance performance...half the fun is the make-up!

Meanwhile, Sarah is all aglow with excitement in dressing up like big sister for FCC party

Here are dance partners Elizabeth and Casey backstage before their performance

Monday, February 4, 2008

Photos from 2nd month home

Our girls love to bake... There are always lots of muffins at our house.
Cookies are fun to bake, then fun to decorate!

What big sister does, little sister does

And finally the clean up (this time of playdough). Gotta have those goggles!

After 2 Months Home

Having been home 2 months now, I guess we have hit the new normal mark. Jet lag and holiday days off school are over and I am back to work 3 days a week until my family leave runs out. Sarah is now comfortable enough with us to start expressing her displeasure if life doesn’t follow her plan! She is still the happy and delightful child we first met, but is dealing with the fact that she now has parents who need to tell her “no”!

Sarah turned 4 in January, although she is still a peanut at 24 lbs and 32”, she is making remarkable progress with language and development in areas she has never had experience with (such as cutting with scissors). She has gotten a clean bill of health from the adoption clinic and only had to have one catch up immunization.

The sisters are getting along great and Elizabeth continues to be a huge help with Sarah as mom goes back to work. One of their favorite activities is baking, as you can see from the photos. Mom & Dad are still pretty tired, but quite content with having two very special girls.