Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reunion with Sarah's friend Evelyn

We had a grand time visiting with a family who just brought home one of Sarah's friends in January. The girls had not seen each other in 18 months. While they didn't seem to remember each other, they did have a blast getting re-acquainted.

Well, we tried to take a photo of the girls together, but the two 5 year olds were jumping up and down so much, this is all we got! Here is the trio snuggled in bed watching a video after a night at the waterpark.
After running around playing, these two took a Cheetos break!

Here's the princess trio...

Even in a still photograph, Sarah conveys motion.
Here's our princess rock band! They were entertaining us with song!

The oldest princess in her Belle pose.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adoptive Families event - Roller skating

Bath Art!

Fun at the Zoo

Ice Show Videos

Sarah, as expected, stole the show as she lead 20 three to five year olds out on the ice for the local Learn to Skate ice show to the music of "Carolina in the Morning". Warning - You need about 5 minutes to watch this.

Sarah is the smallest and first in line. When they reach the end of the blue line, they are supposed to do a little back and forth shuffle, then an up & down bounce movement. As you can see, Sarah seems to be the only one doing it. The rest of them join the routine for the "in the morning" movement. The girls turning in circles are one blue line ahead of the routine. They are supposed to do "swizzles" straddling the red line, then do the circles at the end of the second blue line. Dad lost sight of Sarah as she & her partner headed back to the center circle, but he catches up!

Sarah loved watching all the performers come out for the finale. It is so fun because as each performer does a little final flourish, Sarah looks like she is trying to figure out how to make her feet do each thing. She really got into the screaming and hooting for each performer.

This is the Carolina girls coming out for the finale (1:23 minutes)

This one is Sarah & friends getting into cheering for the rest of the skaters (6:26 minutes) They were screaming along with the rest of the crowd. Sarah is also mimicking some of the skating moves and making her 10 year old companion very nervous! >

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chinese New Year Dance Performances

Sarah was front and center and could not have been happier performing for an audience of 200 plus. We get a lot of attention and people commenting on how cute the girls are, which I think is sometimes more related to them being Chinese -even though they are cute! This audience was 80% Chinese and they still all fell for Sarah's charm.

Sarah, age 5, is in the pink in the front center with the pink headband. She is between a 2 1/2 year old and a 4 year old in red. My 7 year old Elizabeth, is on the far left of the screen in a matching pink pant outfit. She's my serious dancer.

Here is 3:20 minutes of Sarah entertainment:

This one is Elizabeth's dance class, which is an older group of kids and more serious dancers. It is 5:45 minutes, but good beat. Elizabeth is 3rd in from the right of the screen and tends to be in the middle of the focus with Daddy behind the camera!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Teeth, teeth, teeth

After much agonizing in kindergarten and first grade when all her friends had lost their first teeth, Elizabeth finally lost her first tooth at age 7 1/2 in the middle of second grade.

Sarah, on the other hand, lost her first 2 teeth last April at age 4 yrs, 4 months, then lost the next 2 in January 2009 just as she turned 5.